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           Do pets go to heaven?  When our beloved animal friends pass from this world, do they frolic around the throne of God or live again in some other universe?  Do pets just die and that is the end?

            I am sure that these and other questions have crossed the minds of pet owners all over the globe.  Pets are so much a part of our lives.  They often will stay with their owner even if they are neglected or mistreated.  But when we lose a pet, what happens then?  What are the answers that we seek and where can we find them?  There are many books and articles written on the subject that both “support” and “debunk” the idea that there is an afterlife for animals.

            I first have to say that the Christian bible does not contain a section called, “The Book Of Animals” where I can turn to “Pets” Chapter 3, verse 11 and read, “For a righteous man doeth love his pets and these follow him into heaven and the glory of the Lord forever.”

            There is no specific verse of scripture where it emphatically states in plain simple words that: “animals go to heaveneven though we would like to find such a verse.  However, the following scriptures, in my opinion, are a group of verses that do address this very issue and they provide sound evidence of what happens to pets when they die.


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